There are plenty of people doing product awards well, so rather than jumping on the bandwagon or trying to reinvent the wheel, we looked for the white space guided by a mandate of inclusivity. What we found was an opportunity to recognize the entire BeautyMatter community that reflects the complex global beauty ecosystem. We are looking for the brilliant brands, businesses, and people pushing the limits of creativity and possibilities to build what’s next in beauty.
Person of the Year
Person who has made an outstanding contribution to the business of beauty and has been a catalyst for the overall advancement of the industry. Note: Nominees and winners for this award will be chosen and selected by an internal committee.

Changemaker of the Year
Person who has profoundly changed the business of beauty by bringing about positive change linked to equity, health, climate, or sustainability.

Entrepreneur of the Year
An entrepreneur who has built a business that matters through inspired innovations, achieving tremendous results or by overcoming challenges

Innovator of the Year
Person who has made meaningful contributions to the business of beauty by pursuing and executing novel thinking, challenging the status quo, and/or using creative problem solving to move the industry forward.
Best Brand Impact Initiative
Companies who are involved in the creation, marketing, and selling of beauty and wellness products or services that implemented initiatives that provide measurable impact on DEI or ESG.

Best Retailer Impact Initiative
Companies that sell products and services directly to consumers, either online or at brick-and-mortar stores, that have rolled out initiatives that provide measurable impact on DEI or ESG.

Best Supply Side Impact Initiative
Suppliers that provide goods or services to brands or retailers in the beauty and wellness sector that have rolled out initiatives that provide measurable impact on DEI or ESG.

Best Impact Facilitator
Technology provider (app, platform, SAAS) that provides tools to enable transparency, quantify impact, or validate claims related to DEI or ESG initiatives.
Best Brand Launch
Recognizes design, content, strategy, and execution tied to brand identity, website, packaging design, etc.; can be a new-to-market brand or relaunch.

Product Packaging
Recognizes unique execution tied to packaging design including concept, componentry, material selection, and decoration for a finished product; can be a new-to-market brand or relaunch.

Best Ad Campaign: Traditional
Recognizes unique concept, design, and execution of an ad campaign incorporating print, TV, radio, out-of-home, or direct mail.

Best Ad Campaign: Digital
Recognizes unique concept, design, and execution of an ad campaign incorporating email, SMS, display native, video, or social media.

Best Spatial Design
Recognizes unique concept, design, and execution of a physical space, such as a retail store, salon, or spa.

Best Event
Recognizes a unique concept and execution of a B2B or B2C event such as a press launch or influencer event.

Best Collaboration
Recognizes unique partnerships or collaborations between brands or businesses and individuals or organizations.
Best Retail Activation
Recognizes unique activations, events, or activities carried out by brands to support retail partners.

Best Pop-Up
Recognizes unique concepts from design through execution for a short-term beauty or wellness pop-up retail concept.

Best Service Provider
Recognizes an individual, stand-alone, or chains concept providing beauty and/or wellness treatments.

Best New Retailer
Recognizes a new stand-alone or chain brick-and-mortar retail location selling beauty and wellness products to consumers. Elements considered: curation, retail design, consumer experience.

Best New Online Retailer
Recognizes a new online retailer, marketplace, or platform selling beauty and wellness products. Elements considered: innovative content, merchandising consumer journey, use of technology.
Breakthrough Product
Recognizes innovation in a finished product launched to market related to either formulation, delivery system, new format type, use of technology, or sustainability. 

Breakthrough Supplier
Recognizes innovation in a finished product, ingredient, or supplier ideation either in design form and function or material innovation.

Breakthrough Technology
Recognizes the creation of a new technology or the innovative use of existing technology that created a material impact to a part of the beauty and wellness value chain.

Breakthrough Brand
Recognizes innovation stemming from the creation of a product, consumer engagement, marketing, or design; can be a new brand initiative or a new-to-market brand.

Breakthrough Retailer
Recognizes innovation stemming from either a unique partnership model, use of technology, retail design, or strategic initiatives.
Public Relations
Recognizes public relations for developing and executing communication strategies distributing content to media outlets.

Marketing + Content
Recognizes marketing firms responsible for creating and distributing unique approaches in storytelling and distribution of content.

Design + Branding
Recognizes agencies responsible for crafting brand strategies and execution of design services.

Retail Support
Recognizes agencies responsible for providing sell-in and sell-through strategies, in-store support, retail education, retail marketing, or events.

Social Media + Influencer
Recognizes agencies responsible for the development of social media strategies, campaign execution, and content creation, and connecting influencers with brands.

HR + Executive Placement
Recognizes agencies or platforms responsible for providing human resource support to clients including staffing and executive recruitment.

Digital Agency
Recognizes agencies that provide strategic direction, creative design, and technical development for screen-based products and services.

Research, Insights + Trend Forecasting
Recognizes companies that provide products and services that generates business insights and ideas that facilitate better decision making or new product ideation.
Recognizes companies that provide third-party logistics services as outsourced services having to do with distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment.

Contract Manufacturing
Recognizes companies that provide services related to the production, formulation, and filling of beauty and wellness products.

Best Fragrance Supplier
Recognizes companies that provide raw material ingredients and/or development of scent for beauty and wellness companies.

Best Ingredient Supplier
Recognizes companies that provide raw material ingredients used in formulating beauty and wellness products; it may include active ingredient, flavor, or color suppliers.

Best Packaging Supplier
Recognizes companies that create and manufacture packaging; may include componentry for primary and secondary packaging.

Best Technology Solution Provider
Recognizes companies that provide technology to help beauty and wellness companies run their operations more efficiently.
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