What are the BeautyMatter NEXT awards? 

BeautyMatter has launched its inaugural awards program to recognize the best in beauty across brands, retailers, suppliers, and agencies making an impact on the industry through their outstanding work. Organized by BeautyMatter, one of the most trusted voices in the business of beauty, the NEXT Awards will become a benchmark for excellence, and the ultimate accolade.

Why Apply?

BeautyMatter has created a level playing field to celebrate the best of beauty, honoring brands and businesses whose work raises the bar and defines the future. The awards embrace and reflect the entirety of our community. If you are part of the beauty ecosystem, from the largest multinational brands to high-growth indies, retailers, agencies, service providers and suppliers, there is an award that will recognize the work you’re doing to move our industry forward.

The NEXT Awards will be judged by a panel consisting of leading figures in the world of beauty and beyond. This means the NEXT Awards will have unprecedented credibility and reach.

Winning a BeautyMatter NEXT award is an opportunity to build awareness and gain recognition for the extraordinary work you and your team are doing.

What’s Different About The BeautyMatter NEXT Awards?

There are a lot of beauty awards out there—but the BeautyMatter NEXT Awards are different.

First, we’ve designed our nomination process and fees to be accessible to organizations large and small. Groups applying for multiple awards will receive a 10% discount on subsequent entries. BeautyMatter Premium and Professional Members are entitled to a 15% discount on applications (contact us for details on membership discounts.). Contact us.

Second, our judges and judging criteria have been carefully considered to ensure transparency and a level playing field.

Third, our awards are not solely product and brand focused. This means the BeautyMatter NEXT Awards will be a comprehensive survey of the best work produced by the entire ecosystem of the beauty industry.

Fourth, there are no hidden charges for winners. Once you’ve paid your entry fee, you are done. Finalists and winners will be  provided with a full suite of marketing tools to share their accomplishment. There are no additional charges for trophies, winner and finalist seal usage, awards coverage on the BeautyMatter platform or anything else. Winners will also receive a complimentary ticket ($895 value) to attend the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty in Los Angeles, CA on September 15.

What Winners Get

Industry Recognition:
All winners will receive a trophy designed by award-winning design studio BLKBOX, as well as use of the BeautyMatter NEXT Awards seal.

Every entry will be evaluated by a panel of esteemed judges. Submission materials will be reviewed and three entries will be shortlisted; further conversation between the judges will determine the winner. 

Media Exposure:
All winners’ names will be published on the NEXT Awards website, as well as mentioned in awards related content to be published on the BeautyMatter platform. In addition, winners will be highlighted across BeautyMatter's social media networks. We want the whole world to know you've won!

Complimentary Access:
Winners will receive one complimentary ticket (valued at $895) to attend the daylong BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty on September 15, 2022, in Los Angeles, CA.


Finalists will also receive a BeautyMatter NEXT Awards seal that can be used to highlight their place on the shortlist.

How it Works:

You will be asked to provide details about your company and answer questions related to your awards entry. Supporting visuals and metrics, where appropriate, will be required. NEXT judges will review the entries online and rate them to identify three finalists per category. The judges will deliberate to identify the winners of each award. Winners will be announced on September 15, 2022 at the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty, to be held in Los Angeles, CA. Winners need not be present to accept their award, however, they will receive a complimentary ticket to the event.

Entries may be submitted by agencies on behalf of clients. Entries can be edited until July 21. All entries must be finalized, submitted and paid by July 21. No exceptions can be made.

Global organizations, large and small, engaged in the business of beauty are eligible to enter.

Key Dates:

June 1 – Call for Entries Opens

July 14 – Early Deadline Closed

July 22 – Final Deadline

August 12 – Finalists Announced

September 15 – Winners announced to the public at the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty to be held in Los Angeles, CA



What are the key deadlines and fees for 2022 BeautyMatter NEXT Awards?

Application Deadlines:

Early Deadline: July 14 (11:59 pm PT)  – $450

Final Deadline: July 22 (11:59 pm PT)  – $499 

Multiple Category Discount: 10% off offered on all entries beyond the first.

BeautyMatter Member Discount: BeautyMatter Premium and Professional Members will receive a 15% discount on award entries and on tickets to the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty in Los Angeles, CA on September 15. Contact us for details on membership discounts.

Refund Policy: All sales are final and non-refundable once an application is submitted.

Is there a fee to apply for the NEXT awards?

Yes. The fee for entries submitted before the Early Deadline of July 14, 2022 is $450; the fee for late entries submitted between July 15 and the Final Deadline of July 22 is $499. The fee is non-refundable.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Entries will be accepted from anyone in the beauty industry. Businesses from around the world—including the largest multinational conglomerates and small-but-mighty companies—are encouraged to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: For finalists in categories where packaging, components or formulations require review, samples may be required. If you submit for one of these categories, a follow up email will be sent to the applicant with instructions on where to send up to five (5) sets of samples.

How will I know if I am a finalist?

All entrants will be notified via email if they are chosen as a BeautyMatter NEXT Awards finalist by August 12, 2022.

When will the winners be announced

Winners will be announced during the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty on September 15, 2022, held in Los Angeles, CA. Winners will receive one complimentary ticket to attend the daylong educational summit and the cocktail networking event that will follow.

What is the procedure and criteria for selecting NEXT Awards finalists and winners?

All entries are submitted to the Judging Committee, composed of industry experts across the fields of design, branding, marketing, retail, innovation, sustainability, and innovation.

The Judging Committee will select up to three finalists in each category. Each award will have its own selection criteria but, generally, judges will be looking for the following:

The NEXT Awards are granted based on the merits of the product or concept, rather than the market strength of the company. 

How Do I Enter?

The submission process is simple and is done on the website:

How Will the NEXT Awards Be Promoted?

The NEXT Awards will be promoted through the BeautyMatter website, e-mails, press releases, and social media channels as well as through association partners. In addition, the finalists and winners will be featured in BeautyMatter awards related content.

Finalists and winners receive a digital BeautyMatter NEXT Awards seal for recognition and promotion

What Type of Payment is Accepted?

Most major credit cards accepted. Please visit entry page for details.

What do the Winners Receive?

NEXT Awards finalists and winners will be be featured across the BeautyMatter platform. 

Winners will receive:

Finalists will receive:

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